About the Database "The Brest Fortress Heritage"

In order to introduce the discovered archived historical documents and provide access to these sources for a wide range of researchers the Brest Fortress Development Foundation initiated the creation of a database.

The database "Brest Fortress Heritage" is an informational and analytical platform that combines the primary sources of historical knowledge (archival documents, maps, plans, drawings) in digital form, as well as scientific articles, field research materials, iconographic materials and other sources worthy for attention for all areas of study of the heritage of the fortress and city of  Brest.

The data in the database is structured with reference to objects, historical periods, authors and other features, which allows not only quickly find the required material, but also to work out the topic in the right direction with maximum efficiency.

When using any materials placed in the Database, it is necessary to indicate the source of information and a link to the "The Brest Fortress Heritage" Database.

To receive access to the full amount of data and information, we suggest to registering in the system.

About Brest Fortress Development Foundation

The local charitable foundation "Brest Fortress Development Foundation" is a non-profit organization registered on September 18, 2013 by the Brest Regional Executive Committee (Certificate No. 01-009).

The Foundation's activities are aimed at preserving and developing the territory of the Brest Fortress. The Foundation conducts research on the Brest Fortress, search and collect archival and historical materials, promotes the history of Brest and the Brest Fortress, initiates new events and thematic meetings, promotes the consolidation and development of a community of people interested in the topics of the Brest Fortress heritage.




The project is supported by Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP)